Visualizing Success – 6 Steps to Using Mental Images to Achieve Your Goals

By | June 15, 2017

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein (Winner, Nobel Prize in Physics)

One of the easiest things you can do to bring more success to your life in any area is to visualize it. Star athletes use visualization all the time to improve their performances so why shouldn’t you use it to improve your life performance?

Visualizing success means creating clear pictures in your mind of having already achieved your goals. A few reasons visualizing success works are because it re-programs your brain to create new solutions for achieving your goals, it helps you see ideas that you may have been ignoring, and it relaxes and calms your body. Also, if you believe in the law of attraction, visualization helps attract the things you want to achieve into your life.

Here are six steps for applying visualization to bring more success into your life:

1) Decide on a specific goal you want to achieve such as a better relationship with someone, a new house, successful mornings with your kids, or the amount money you want in the bank. (When you are just starting out, pick a goal that you consider realistic. As you get better at visualization, you should add goals that are bigger challenges or are well beyond your comfort zone.)

2) Close your eyes and imagine yourself succeeding at that goal – see it as already complete.

3) Make the pictures in your mind as clear and complete as possible with vivid details. For example: What color is your new house? What does each room look like? What are you doing in the house? What sounds do you hear?

4) Feel what it feels like to be successful at that goal. Are you relaxed, happy, proud? Also, see if you can imagine a sense of peace that you might feel inside at having achieved your goal.

5) Try to do these steps at least twice a day for 10 minutes if possible – first thing when you wake up and again right before you fall asleep. If you are feeling overly stressed about a goal or decision, take a few minutes to visualize your success at that situation several times a day. This will help your body feel less stressed about it.

6) Visualization helpers – some people find it helpful to collect pictures to create “vision boards” or “goal books” where they paste or draw pictures that symbolize what they’re trying to achieve. Also, you can keep a small notebook for writing down ideas of success as they come to you.

Visualization is a powerful tool that your mind uses all the time – maybe without you even being aware of it. Often when people are not succeeding at something, it’s because they are habitually and perhaps unconsciously visualizing failure, pain, and negative situations. If you want to succeed , then take control of the images in your mind and use these six steps to visualize your personal version of success!

Source by Judy Braley

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