Through the Keyhole – The External Metaphors in Your Surroundings and How They Influence Your LIfe

By | April 9, 2017

Do you remember the television programme, ‘Through the Keyhole’? The catchphrase, spoken in a charming Bostonian accent, was “Who lives in a house like this?” I think it had an appealing allure of a combination of voyeurism, psychology and detective work as we were led round the homes of absent celebrities, and invited to piece together a character profile by looking at the environments they had created. It was great fun, and very revealing to observe the colours, furnishings, goods and chattels the stars surrounded themselves with. They really spoke volumes about character, lifestyle, pleasures, interests etc.

Your External Metaphors

Take a detached view of what you surround yourself with. Play ‘Through the Keyhole’ with your home. What does your home say about you? And is it saying what you want to be saying?

What do you want to attract into your life? Is there anything blocking or contradicting what you want? For example, if you are single and want to be in a relationship, do you have any pictures or ornaments which depict couples in a loving or romantic way? Do you have a space that is conducive to romance and ‘couple-activities’? Are there any broken items or fittings which might represent metaphorically something that needs ‘fixing’ in your life, or unwanted things and clutter which gets in the way? This can be fun; when I began to think in this way about my home I realised it had been weighing on my mind to clear and throw out many items from my loft, which is full of stuff from my past. This seemed very significant to me at a time of breaking with the past in some ways and making a new start in life.

Feng Shui Metaphors

The ancient art of Feng Shui offers more sophisticated and detailed insight into the effects of our surroundings on what we manifest in our lives. It is a complex discipline which uses characteristics and metaphors from the natural world, and a system of analysing, creating and correcting the flow of energy or ‘chi’ in one’s environment, in order to invite balance, harmony, prosperity, good relationships and well-being into our lives. Even if you know little about Feng Shui, you can make a good start by clearing your clutter, which is said to encourage the right flow of ‘chi’. Also introduce colours, objects and materials from the natural world, ideally representing the elements of fire, earth, wind and water, such as a real fire or woodburner, candles, plants, pebbles, wood, bamboo and water features.


A really specific way of creating metaphors to attract what you want in your life is to paste pictures and items, which represent what you desire, on a board. Some people call this a ‘Wish-board’. Pictures could include inspirational quotes, loving couples, people doing what you want to be doing, objects you want such as a car or something for the home or a cheque or bank statement showing the amount of money you want to make in a period of time. Then when you look at your ‘Wish-board’ each day imagine having or doing whatever it is you want, as if it is happening to you now, in the present moment and really focus until you can feel the sensations of experiencing what you want. When you get good at this, you can really feel the pleasurable emotions, without actually having achieved the experience yet!

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