How to Clear Old Lovers From an Energy Field

By | May 9, 2017

Old lovers' energy sticks around in our energy fields. I do not mean elderly lovers, although that can certainly be the case! What I am about to relate may seem very odd and impossible, but most psychics can tell you it is real-creepy, but real. When we have sexual relations with someone, it creates an energy cord. Males have energy tentacles which get attached to the second and third chakra areas usually. The first and fourth can be involved too, and occasionally the seventh.

If you are not familiar with the chakra system, that translates into the area between pubis and belly button and belly button and bottom of the ribs for the second and third chakras. The first is the base of the spine and the fourth is the heart. The seventh is the crown of the head and the pineal gland. The whole problem of this energetic attachment process is that your energy is then sucked from you via these cords, until you die. The ancient methods for detaching such cords involve the 'sweeping breath' which requires you to remember every moment of energy exchange between you and that person, and take your energy back.

The other remedy-for those who can not remember-involves a seven year period of celibacy (no sex of any kind, no sexual stimulation of any kind-including fantasizing), which causes the tentacles to drop off due to not being fed. At about the third year of the celibacy (or sooner, depending on the person), the energy tentacles start feeling the starvation and will stimulate the person to think of or engage in sexual activities. A major period of horniness ensues, driving most well-meaning celibates to end said celibacy as quickly as possible.

The easier, modern way to get rid of those tentacles is a process known as "cutting the cords", where the person visualizes the other attached person and consciously imagines cutting all the cords and then lighting the ends on fire, like an explosive charge, and burning out all connections. The person on the other end usually feels this disconnection and will call or drop by to see the victim, hoping to reconnect those cords.

The important thing, whatever method used, is to say a little prayer, forgiving and blessing that person and releasing them to go on their way. Once you have done so with every lover you have been with, you are free to start a new relationship. This 'cutting the cords' technique also tends to decrease the impetus to cheat on your new lover … which is definitely healthier for any relationship.

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