How to Choose a Personal Assistant

By | May 7, 2017

Hiring a personal assistant can be a tricky process involving much trial and error. Not every employer is the same, and a personal assistant should not only fit the employer’s needs but also his or her personality. This article offers a few ideas on how you can eliminate some of the stress of hiring a personal assistant (PA).

When you are first looking for an assistant, it is important to equally weigh all the facets you will look at. Although skills and employment history are important factors, employers must also consider an applicant’s personality and life experiences. Chemistry, an intangible quality most often discovered during an interview, is the most important factor in determining the success of this employer-employee relationship.

Qualified applicants should be

o organized

o detail-oriented

o confidential/private

o able to prioritize

o responsible

o professional

o personable

o resourceful

o dependable

o prompt

o able to delegate

o resilient

o a self-starter

o motivated

o loyal

o a team player

o honest

o trustworthy

o able to anticipate and plan ahead

The fastest and easiest way to get the applicants you are looking for is to write a descriptive and detailed job description. To you as an employer, a job description helps you to clearly define the type of person you would like to hire. Not only will you decide what qualifications and previous work experience your PA should have, but writing a job description will also help you to develop some of the questions you will ask during screening and interviewing. From the perspective of the applicants, the job description serves as a guide in helping them to know exactly what you are looking for and to make them understand that this is a serious position. A clearly written list of needs tells applicants that you, the employer, have your head together and know what you need and that all the PA has to do is follow your directions and provide the help.

When writing your description, consider how much time you want to spend training your new hire. If you write a well-defined job description, you will make it easier on yourself in determining how much experience a person really has.

When written for a PA position, a comprehensive job descriptions has at least six standard parts: (1) Job title; (2) Nature of work; (3) Qualifications and qualities of employee; (4) Duties to be performed; (5) Work schedule and comments; and (6) Salary.

Not every PA will be ideal. But following the above suggestions will see you better on your way to finding a personal assistant who fits your needs and can give you the help you’re looking for.

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