Five Tips For Finding Your Higher Self

By | April 25, 2017

Probably the most important thing you can do on this earth is to find your higher self. It's the reason you were born, and it's the key to healing and inner power. Many people talk about their Higher Power. It's the same thing. Others talk about The Force. Still others call it God. Whatever you call it, it's the essence of all life and All That Is. Here are five magic keys that you can use to make contact.

Quiet Your Thoughts and Go to a Different Level of Mind

The main impediment that's been standing in your way is a noisy mind. Some teachers have called the mind a monkey that jumps from branch to branch, in the same way that you jump unceasingly from topic to topic. The mind is like a cloud cover that shrouds the sun. When the clouds part, the light of day issues forth. So how do you quiet your mind? One way is to say a word or phrase over and over. You can decide what it is, or you can use a timeless mantra. Try one of these: "Be still, and know that I AM God." Here's another: "I AM the power of healing." Or just "I AM." You can use a mantra like "Om" or "Om Namah Shivaya" or "Adonoi." Choose whatever mantra you like. Quiet your mind by sitting or standing or walking with your mantra daily. As you quiet your mind, it's possible that your higher self will naturally shine through.

Imagine the Tiny Molecules You're Made of

Quantum physicists write about the minute microscopic molecules of which matter is made. Some of them posit that the molecules are nano-particles shaped liked strings. Imagine that these particles constitute all matter, and that every living thing, animate and inanimate is made of them. Because everything is the same, everything is united. Everything is from the universe and constitutes the Self, the great Self, the Higher Self. You can come to know it and realize that YOU are the higher self in your very truest nature.

Let a Great Being Lead the Way

The very nature of a great being is one who has come to know the higher self in the most powerful of ways and who lives in that understanding. By profound association with them, you can make contact with it as well. This great being might be Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Saint Germaine, or whichever great being speaks directly to you. You invite the being into your inner world and ask them to assist you to reach the heights you aspire to. That's their job – to help you get there. They're just waiting for you to ask.

Open the Center of Your Heart

Love is a perfect way to reach your higher self. Pure love is the substance of the higher self, and it can carry you into a state that is of a higher dimension. It can come from your connection with another person who you care deeply about – friend or relative or significant other. Love can come purely from your own heart, as those who love the universe, God, All That Is, often know a level of ecstasy that carries them beyond ordinary life to a caring, sometimes ecstatic level of being.

Ask Your Wise Mind

You can ask your Wise Mind: "Please show me my higher self. Please tell me about it, and demonstrate it to me in any way you can. I'm here to know this. I open myself to receive. I understand that knowing my higher self is a key to love, riches, happiness, enlightenment and all the greatest treasures of life. " Then you listen and receive whatever gifts your Wise Mind has for you now.

Source by Marilyn B. Gordon

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