Does a Guy’s Interest in You Decrease After You Give Him Sex? Discover the Reality Right Here

By | March 17, 2017

A guy losing interest after sex should not be your worry if the sex was consensual and enjoyable. There is no reason for a guy to lose interest just because you had sex with him. Remember there were two people who had sex in that room and he was one of them. However, the reason for guys to lose interest could be all or any of these seven listed below.

Was she the one started it all
Well if the guy realizes that the girl initiated the entire sexual episode and did this as she had a vested interest in doing so then he will lose his interest in her. He too will feel used. However, if there was no ulterior motive and sex just happened due to the chemistry then he will definitely not lose any interest in her.

When and where
If the girl comes on too strongly on the guy and has sex on the first date itself then he might lose his respect for her. He will come to believe that the girl was too easy and did not have much character. Sex should come with the natural progression of a relationship.

How enjoyable was the sex
If the guy feels that the girl did not get what she wanted in terms of performance then he is likely to shy away from the girl. However, if the experience was pleasurable to both then the guy’s interest will not decrease. At the same time if the girl too underperformed during sex he might lose interest.

No commitments
More often than not girls expect some type of commitment from guys once they have sex. If the guy feels that the girl is leveraging sex for other objectives then he is likely to lose interest. Sex is the highest form of interaction between a man and woman and should not be used to coerce something out of each other.

His motives
If the guy was only interested in earning bragging rights then he will have accomplished his mission and will lose interest after sex. Therefore it is important that you weigh in the consequences before you have sex. Only when you are sure of his affection for you, you should have sex.

Intensity of feeling
If both the guy and girl love each other intensely and have mutual respect for each other then the guy will not lose interest in her after sex. On the contrary his interest will be doubled and he will love and admire her even more.

Personal hygiene
A guy will lose interest in the girl after sex if personal hygiene was the issue. So long as the girl practices good personal hygiene and there is no body odor or unpleasant odor he will not lose interest in her after she gives him sex.

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