Broken Feng Shui Items Should Be Replaced

By | April 20, 2017

Feng shui cures or enhancers are used to either suppress bad chi or encourage good chi to visit. In the Flying Star school, the items need to be moved on a yearly and monthly basis, to accomplish the necessary changes appropriately. The yearly problems should always be addressed first, and then 'small tai chi' is used to take care of the monthly afflictions.

One thing that is seldom addressed with the items is that of chipped or broken objects. First of all, it is considered bad chi to keep any items that are damaged. The standard example involves clothing: if your clothes have holes in them and closures no longer work, you would get rid of them. The same principle applies to damaged feng shui items. Most important are those cures that are protective.

For things like the 5-element pagoda, ringing bell, crystals and celestial deity statues, a chip or broken limb is thought to be an indication that you have been protected by that object. In essence, it has 'taken a hit for you' and saved you from some catastrophe. While those who do not understand this may scoff, those of us who have suffered immensely by being hit with the bad chi of the unlucky stars make sure we are adequately protected. As stated in previous articles on this subject, "I did not even know such things as Flying Stars existed, but they got me anyway."

Some practitioners of Flying Star Feng Shui have had really strange things happen with those protective cures (see some of my previous articles on the subject for my stories). People who can feel subtle energies can tell immediately when the energy has changed for the better. Something as simple as hanging a wind chime on the axis of a bad star can brighten the area and make it comfortable. Likewise for replacing a broken or repaired cure; the energy shifts immediately and it just feels better.

Even if one does not practice feng shui yet, certain protective jewelry items might have suffered a hit for the wearer. This is especially noticeable with new-age crystal items. Once you have worn a crystal protective carving and had it explode into dust while wearing it, you'll understand. Since items that have belonged to others may still carry their energy, it's also a good idea to cleanse everything before using it. Salt can be rubbed over the item or it can be 'smudged' with smoldering sage leaves, or placed in a bowl of salt in sunlight for several days, or placed in the flame of a candle, or any other traditional means of cleansing.

For feng shui practitioners, all cures and enhancers are cleansed every year before being placed in their new directions. Some should be replaced; certainly any damaged ones. The broken objects should be treated with respect, not just thrown out in the garbage. They can be buried, burned, or thrown into the sea after the owner gives thanks for being protected from some dastardly occurrence. In any case, whether old or new, the new year requires new energy, so it's nice to be able to have enough cures to let some rest in the storage area while new ones take on the next year.

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