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IUPAC Nomenclature of Alkens – Naming Organic Compounds

One of the first and most important topics that you will learn as an organic chemistry student is all about naming organic compounds. You will be expected to follow a naming system to classify compounds and provide their IUPAC names. In this article I will provide you with a simple approach for the iupac nomenclature… Read More »

The Training and Skills You Need to Become a Criminalist

Criminalistics is part of forensic science. It is the forensic science that deals with analyzing and examining physical evidence. A criminalist works in a crime or forensic lab. This is all well and good, but what should the aspiring or future criminalist know? What training and skills should he or she possess? In this article,… Read More »

Garcinia Cambogia Supplement for Weight Loss

Garcinia cambogia has become a leading weight loss supplement for adults around the world looking to achieve their weight loss goals. This supplement is made from a fruit, providing a natural and safe supplement with outstanding results. The product arrives in the form of capsules which are then taken twice per day; one half an… Read More »

Why People Use Alloys Instead of Pure Metals

People use metallic products in daily lives. There is a fact that most of the metallic products are not made from pure metals. People usually use alloys instead of pure metals due to alloys’ better properties. What are alloys? They are mixtures of at least two or more different elements. At least one of these… Read More »

5 Surefire Cat Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms to Keep an Eye Out For

Ever wondered how to figure out if your cat has a urinary tract infection? It can be difficult at first to figure out when your cat is suffering from a UTI since cats are highly tolerant to pain. However, there are some cat urinary tract infections symptoms that are serious red flags. The 5 symptoms… Read More »

Insurance Telemarketing Scripts: A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Successful Script

One of the biggest challenges when designing a marketing plan is how to create a successful insurance telemarketing script. Agent usually end up with a lot of poor advice that leads to frustration and ultimately and unsuccessful campaign. In fact, the average insurance agents stops their telemarketing campaign within the first five hours. Although all… Read More »

Can Health Savings Account Funds Be Used To Pay For Health Insurance Premiums?

While Health Savings Account (HSA) funds can be used for a long list of health care expenses before you become 65, these funds cannot be used to pay your monthly premiums for your high-deductible health insurance. Once you turn 65, though, it’s a different story. At that time, you can withdraw money from your HSA… Read More »

Get H1B Sponsorship – Which Companies Sponsor H1B and Why?

Understanding who is willing to sponsor an H1B visa is critical, especially in times when the traditional H1B employers scaled down hiring. This article will save you time and frustrations, by helping you identify the positions that are likely to result in H1B visa sponsorship. Companies that hire international students and sponsor H1B visas do… Read More »