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What’s the Difference Between Omelette and Scrambled Egg?

Eggs can be considered as a healthy and a tasty food that can be used to prepare many delicious meals. Out of the tasty food that can be made from eggs, omelettes and scrambled eggs are two popular food types that can be found in every corner of the world. Even though omelettes and scrambled… Read More »

Eight Warning Signs of a Bad School

How do parents find a good school? Not only are public schools crippled by dozens of bad ideas, but the schools seem intentionally designed so that parents cannot understand what’s really going on inside the classrooms. Probably it’s more practical to stay alert for the danger signs that can be observed from a distance. Here’s… Read More »

Boob Growth In The Twenty First Century!

Natural Breast Enlargement In Adolescence The concept of breast enlargement or in rather informal tones, breast enhancement, is as much a controversial a topic as any other female adolescent phenomena there is. Yes, breast growth starts out to be the concern of young prepubescent teens and can continue to be an issue throughout womanhood. As… Read More »

Endometriosis As a Cause of Infertility

Endometriosis is one of the highest recorded conditions related to infertility. About 75% of total infertile cases are caused by biological make-up problems, including utero formation and pelvic conditions. About 30% to 40% of the women suffering from Endrometriosis are also reported to be infertile. Though the relation of endometriosis and infertility is yet to… Read More »

Terminal Wealth Dispersion, Life Expectancy and Individual Retirement Accounts

Terminal wealth dispersion is the technical term that describes the variability of the future value of investment portfolios. This inevitable variability means that no one knows what the value of their investment portfolio will be when they reach retirement age or at any time during their retirement. And the uncertainty of individual’s life expectancies compounds… Read More »

The Exceptional Cognitive Abilities of Dolphins

Dolphins are perhaps the most intelligent aquatic mammal on Earth. With their self-awareness and abilities to communicate, reason, express emotions, adapt, and perform altruistic acts, they have spread across every ocean and many freshwater rivers in the same way humans have populated every continent. The cognitive abilities of dolphins are exceptional. Below is a close… Read More »

The Effects of the Father Daughter Relationship on Self Esteem – From First Love to Self Love

Can you remember the first boy that you fell in love with? Close your eyes and think about him, for just a minute. What was his name? How old were you? Where were you when you first looked into each others eyes and held each other's hand? Remember how it felt to be with him.… Read More »